2016-2017 Officers

President | Tanya Kiryutina


Hi! I am a senior in chemical and biomolecular engineering. This year I also tutor for the chemical engineering honors society. I aspire to earn a Ph.D. with a focus on materials for electrochemical or solar energy. Outside of classes you can find me rollerblading across campus, spinning poi, or skiing/snowboarding on the mountaintops!




Hi! I am a civil and environmental engineering major and I do research in a environmental engineering lab on campus. I enjoy swimming and playing board games. Feel free to contact me for any reason!


Tomer Zohar | Treasurer


Hi, I am a senior bioengineering student. I currently conduct research in antibody engineering at the University of Maryland, and aspire to get a Ph.D. in bioinstrumentation so I can ultimately create affordable diagnostic devices. I enjoy hiking, music, and drawing. Feel free to contact me!


Secretary | Brianna Kovacs


Hi everyone! I'm a senior structural engineering major with a minor in sustainability. After graduation, I hope to be a bridge inspector because it's like an adventure every day! I love being active and being outside, so it's a perfect fit, and maybe I'll move to an amazing place like New Zealand and work on their bridges! Dreaming big :) P.S. Hopefully you noticed the bent in the background of my picture!

2016-2017 Committee Executives

Initiation Chair | Allison Grabowski


Hi! I am a junior mechanical engineering major, minoring in French. In my free time, I enjoy playing video and board games, painting, and riding my bike. In addition to Tau Beta Pi, I am a UTF for ENES100 and I am a member of the University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra.


Initiation Chair | Sondra Hoganson


I am a senior in mechanical engineering. I currently intern at the USDA, where I get to learn how to manage energy use in buildings like agricultural research labs! In my free time I like to play string instruments and do active things outside.


Community Service Chair | Lenny Fobe


I am a junior chemical engineering and biochemistry double major. I'm currently involved in molecular dynamic simulation research on campus. My research involves ceramide-lipid bilayers, and their ability to form pores, in context of skin drug delivery. I plan on pursing a Ph.D. in chemical engineering to lead my own research lab. When I'm not studying, I can be found playing music, playing video games and trying my hand at cooking.


Community Service Chair | John Shi


One of two computer engineers currently in Tau Beta Pi Maryland Beta.


Fundraiser Chair | Brian Isganitis


I am a senior computer engineering major. I like to play guitar and sing when I have the time. I also like to explore nature and enjoy great weather on my hammock! On campus, I am a teaching assistant for CMSC412. After graduation, I will be working for Google as a Software Engineer.


Scholarship Chair | Ellery Klien


I am a senior mechanical engineer major with a special interest in heat transfer and energy conversion. I was born and raised in Frederick, MD. So I have always been a native Marylander! Also, I like to run and I can juggle.


Alumni Chair | Ross Ives


Hi, I'm a mechanical and fire protection engineering dual degree. In my free time I am a volunteer firefighter and I do research in the BAM lab. After graduation, I am applying to both grad school, as well as, jobs.


Social Chair | Joey Dawson


Things I do: • bioengineering • social chair things • cult film theatre productions • 3D printing research • memes


Athletics Chair | Conor Briggi


I am a senior double major in mechanical engineering and economics, with a minor in international engineering. I do my best to keep busy all the time; I'm on the Terps Racing Formula SAE team, am on the Engineers without Borders Ghana team, and am President of the Club Lacrosse team. In my free time, I love going on runs, hanging out with friends, and playing pretty much any/all types of pickup sports.


Webmaster | Justin Goh


I am a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in technology entrepreneurship and plan on specializing in exo-skeleton research and development. I am a very busy person who actively participates in Terps Racing, Badminton, and running my own 3D printing business called Amaz3D. Additionally, I also play airsoft, take photography and obviously design websites. If you see any errors or just want to talk to me, feel free to contact me! #madetbpwebsitegreatagain2017


Image Master | Natalie Livingston


I am a junior in bioengineering. I work in Dr. Jay's lab in the BIOE department, studying how to engineer extracellular vesicles for use in drug delivery. I hope to get my Ph.D. in bioengineering with a focus in something related to either drug delivery or drug design. In my free time, I like to swim, read outside, and do very mediocre arts and crafts :)


Lounge Chair | Adam Hurwitz


I pretty much live in the lounge.