2018-2019 Officers


President | Tonlé Bloomer


Hello, I'm a senior electrical engineering student. I've interned at SESYNC, Prof. Scarcelli's Lab, and at KeyW Corporation, and I'm looking at entry level engineering positions for after I graduate. I also work as a UTF for CPSS220. I greatly enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking, and fire spinning, and I'm down for adventure.


VICE PRESIDENT | Drew Mcmenamin


Hi, I'm a senior computer engineering major with a special interest in self-driving car and networking technology. In the past, I've interned for Texas Instruments and am considering joining the BS/MS program at UMD. I enjoy frisbee, rock/metal music, and outdoor activities. You can ask me about my semester in Australia, but I still can't do the accent!


Treasurer | Vaishnavi Murthy


Hello there! I'm a senior electrical engineering major and I'm currently pursuing a minor in business analytics. In addition to Tau Beta Pi, I'm on an Indian Classical dance team called UMD Moksha. In my free time, I like dancing, singing, being a podcast nerd, trying to become a WWII enthusiast, or wasting my life watching the Bachelorette and Degrassi. I'm also insanely addicted to peanut butter. Feel free to contact me for any reason!


Secretary | Justin Sylvers


Hello.  I am a junior bioengineering major.  This year I am the secretary (not to be confused with the American Thoroughbred racehorse who, in 1973, became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years) of our lovely organization.  I like playing things and watching things.  I am sometimes moved to engage in physical activity.

2018-2019 Committee Executives


Initiation Chair | Rachel Romano


Hey everyone, I'm a senior mechanical engineering major with a minor in Sustainability Studies. I'm a UTF for ENME202, have traveled abroad with Engineers Without Borders, and I also work at Engineering Career Services Office as a peer advisor. I love running (sometimes), playing intramural soccer, attempting to cook Tasty recipes, and going to as many UMD sporting events as possible.


Initiation Chair | John Hoerauf


Hello, I am a Junior Materials Science and Engineering major. In addition to slaving away over homework and spending quality time with the wonderful people of Tau Beta Pi, I enjoy playing guitar, nerding out about materials, eating, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking (any and all outdoor activities) and cooking. Feel free to contact me anytime (at the conveniently listed email above) if you have any questions or suggestions about the initiation process! 


Community Service Chair | Shannon Flynn


Hey everyone! I'm a junior materials science and engineering major with an interest in working on spacecraft after graduation. In addition to Tau Beta Pi, I am a member of the Mighty Sound of Maryland, part of the Clark Ambassadors, and on the executive boards of Engineering Playdate and MatES. In my free time, I can be found reading, listening to Broadway soundtracks, or watching Parks and Rec.


Community Service Chair |  Micah tsoi


Hi. I'm a junior materials science and engineering and piano performance double major. I like cooking and gardening.


Fundraiser Chair | Arman Kalikian


I am an Electrical Engineering senior. In my free time I like to watch movies, go hiking, and try new foods. After I graduate I'd like to work in the aerospace industry and go to grad school.


Professional/scholarship Chair | Akshar Patel


Hey there! I am a senior mechanical engineering major. I love outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. I also like watching action, comedy, and Sci-Fi movies. Apart from TBP, I am involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as its Events Planner. I wish to work in the field of Autonomous systems and Robotics after I graduate from UMD. My passion, other than Mechanical Engineering, includes Astrophysics. Don't you all just love looking at the stars and the ever expanding space?


alumni Chair | Eli Fastow


I'm Eli Fastow, your alumni chair. I'm a junior material science and engineering major with a nanotechnology minor. I currently work in the Radiation and Polymer Science Lab group as well as TerrapinWorks, and love both research and engineering.  In my free time-when I'm not with my TBPeople-I like to ski, run, and make art.  I'm in the lounge almost every day, so make sure to say hi!


Social Chair | Mark Snyder


Howdy! I'm a senior electrical engineering major and have been a UTF for ENEE205 and ENEE200. I've also done some research on electromagnetic deep brain stimulation. In my free time, I'm a huge fan of trivia (catch me at Looney's!), enjoy cooking way too much food, and of course love to play video and board games. Hit me up with events you'd like to have!


Athletics Chair | Sam Snyder


Hi everyone! My name’s Sam, and I am a senior mechanical engineering major. When I am not distracting people from studying in the Tau Beta Pi lounge, you can find me running or occasionally biking and swimming. In my free time, I love cooking, eating ice cream, and drawing portraits. After I graduate, I hope to continue my studies and eventually work and live abroad in Europe. 


Athletics Chair | Sam Audia


Hi! I am a junior mechanical engineering and computer science double major. I am still deciding what I would like to do when I graduate. So, in the meantime, I like to exercise and play sports that I am no where near coordinated enough to play. I also enjoy eating any and all foods, especially the free food that sometimes shows up in the lounge. 


Webmaster | Justin Lehr


Hi everyone! I'm a senior computer engineering major with a minor in cybersecurity. On campus, you can find me TAing for CMSC330, being a Clark School Ambassador, or playing trumpet with the Mighty Sound of Maryland.  In my free time I enjoy binge watching Netflix, cooking (and eating), and hanging out with friends. If you have any issues with the website, please let me know!


Image Master | Hannah Horng


Hello! I’m a senior Bioengineering/Statistics double major with research interests in biomedical imaging and image processing methods and an intention to go to graduate school. In my spare time I’ll be folding origami, watching anime and Netflix, or drinking way too much bubble tea. You’ll most likely find me passed out on the lounge couches because my sleep schedule doesn’t exist.


Lounge Chair | Josh Cocker


I'm a Mechanical Engineering Senior involved as the Vice President of Engineers Without Borders-UMD and a UTF for ENES 100. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, cooking, and binge watching Games of Thrones. After graduation I'm considering graduate degrees surrounding consumer electronics design, or a stint in the Peace Corps.