Fall 2019 Officers


President | John Hoerauf


Hello, I am a Senior Materials Science and Engineering major with an interest in nano and optoelectronic materials. I have interned at Lockheed Martin, W.L. Gore & Associates, & NAVAIR in addition to on-campus research. In the future, I would like to further my education with a PhD in Materials. When I am not studying, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, playing guitar, and cooking. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.




Hi! I'm a senior Materials Science and Piano Performance Major. If you want to get my attention, try talking about art, plants, or that vague sadness you're feeling.


Treasurer | Eric Frank


Hi all! I'm Eric, the treasurer, and I am a junior majoring in bioengineering and minoring in law. I currently intern in Professor Scarcelli's lab in A. James Clark Hall and if you have any questions about the program or professors, feel free to reach out to me!


Secretary | Shannon Flynn


Hey everyone! I'm a senior materials science and engineering major. Other than Tau Beta Pi, other organizations that I'm involved in on campus are the Mighty Sound of Maryland, the Pep Band, Clark Ambassadors, Engineering Playdate, and MatES. In my (little) free time, you can find me reading, listening to Broadway soundtracks, or watching Parks and Rec.

Fall 2019 Committee Executives


Initiation Chair | Peter Stefano


Hey everyone! I'm a senior aerospace engineering major with a minor in engineering leadership. If I'm not in the Tau Beta Pi lounge you can probably find me in the STEM Library or Clark hall working on homework pretty much every day of the week, feel free to stop by and say hi! When I'm not doing schoolwork I love playing and watching soccer, cooking (usually unsuccessfully), and binge-watching the same show on Netflix for the 12th time


Initiation Chair | Tom Zong


Hello there, I'm a senior double major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, with a minor in Clarinet Performance. When I'm not hanging out in the lounge, I'm probably at band.


Community Service Chair | Serena Cho


Hi hi! I'm a dual degree Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major in my 4th year. When I'm not studying, you can often find me rock climbing, playing guitar, or playing the hardest video game I can find.


Community Service Chair |  Genevieve Tan


Hi there! I'm a second year in Fire Protection Engineering, pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. I have previously interned at NIST, and am currently involved with the QUEST Program. In my free time, I practice piano, drawing, and (once in a blue moon) martial arts.


Fundraising Chair | Sam Audia


Hi! I am a senior mechanical engineering and computer science double major. I am still deciding what I would like to do when I graduate. So, in the meantime, I like to exercise and play sports that I am no where near coordinated enough to play. I also enjoy eating any and all foods, especially the free food that sometimes shows up in the lounge.


Professional/scholarship Chair | Akshar Patel


Hey there! I am a senior mechanical engineering major. I love outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. I also like watching action, comedy, and Sci-Fi movies. Apart from TBP, I am involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as its Events Planner. I wish to work in the field of Autonomous systems and Robotics after I graduate from UMD. My passion, other than Mechanical Engineering, includes Astrophysics. Don't you all just love looking at the stars and the ever expanding space?


alumni Chair | Amanda O’Shaughnessy


Hello! I'm Amanda, a junior in civil and environmental engineering with a minor in sustainability. On campus I am the project lead for the local project of Engineers Without Borders/Maryland Sustainability Engineering and also work as an undergraduate assistant in an inorganic pollutants lab. In my free time I like to swim, play board games, and paint.


Social Chair | Stephen COyne



Athletics Chair | Emily James


Hello! I am a junior fire protection engineering major with a minor in project management. I have interned with Bechtel and am currently in the Gemstone Program here on campus. I am also a member of the club tennis team on campus and enjoy getting to go outside of the classroom any chance I get. I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, bike riding, and watching movies.


Webmaster | Niloy Gupta


Hi! I am a junior double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Math. Currently, I am part of a student project that is designing a novel fixed-pitch coaxial helicopter. In addition to Tau Beta Pi, I am also the PR officer for the aerospace honors society, Sigma Gamma Tau. On the rare occasion I have free time, you can find me playing video games, soccer, or badminton. Please email me if you have any questions or comments about the website.


Image Chair | Charis Smith


Hi everybody! My name is Charis Smith, and I’m a senior Electrical Engineering major here at UMD. Along with TBP, I’m also a member of the Mighty Sound if Maryland marching band, so if you’re ever at a football game, I’ll be there too! I am also a UTF for ENEE244 and have been one for ENEE101 in the past. Feel free to ask me anything, especially if it’s about engineering or dogs, I love both equally.


Lounge Chair | Nick Sarfaraz


Hey I’m Nick. I’m a super-senior in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, and I minor in Technology Entrepreneurship and International Engineering. I’m involved in Terps Racing Baja, and I like spending time outdoors.